Wallpaper Vintage Botanical 1950s Midcentury White gold with Fronds Leaf Mauve 8bcc2epvy1653-Wallpaper Rolls

1950s Botanical Vintage Wallpaper Midcentury Mauve White Leaf Fronds with gold

In my weekly post, “2x Clipsal SATURN KNOB KITS 450W 1-Gang, Top Hat, For Fan Dimmer CHARCOAL“, I like to include a photo of something that I’ve taken from the previous week.

There was a time when I’d put my original camera around my neck and go looking for things to take pictures of. 3D Boot, spielen 21093 Fototapeten Wandbild Fototapete BildTapete Familie DEIt worked really well if I was lucky enough to find something worth snapping. 2x Delf TIE FIXING BOLT 23x30mm Polished Brass Finish Australian BrandNow, with the camera in my Smartphone, I always have the ability to take pictures in my pocket. It’s funny how many more pictures that I feel inspired to take this way. And better ones too.

Anyway, last week I was rolling up the solar blanket to the pool and noticed a spider in this huge web over my shoulder. 2x HPM ISOLATING SWITCH 100A 250V 1-Module 1-Pole GREY Australian BrandI watched for a minute until I realized what she/he was doing. The spider was traversing the web picking up the things that got caught during the night before.3D Graffiti-Kunst Werke 74 Tapete Wandgemälde Tapete Tapeten Bild Familie DE My mind flashed back to elementary school science where we learned how a spider doesn’t get stuck in its own web.

I was pleased with the picture as I got as close as I could to get a definition of the spider and the things caught in the web. 2x Prestige SQUARE BAR HANDLE Door Cabinet Drawer POLISHED CHROME- 192 or 320mmAs per my regular routine, I took 2 or 3 pictures of the same thing so that I could get the best picture lest I move the camera while taking the picture.

Anyway, that’s the background for this post!

When I write my Sunday post, my routine was to grab the camera on my desk and flip through what I had taken and find one to include. 2x Whitco BALANCE SPIRAL ACCESSORY KIT Adjustable Spring Tension Aust BrandThen, I would email or DM it to myself so that I could put it into the post. 3D Lotus Circle 709 Ceiling WallPaper Murals Wall Print Decal Deco AJ WALLPAPERSince it’s only a task that I do once or twice a week, the inefficiencies kind of bothered me but not enough to do anything about it.

However, in my readings lately on Windows 10, I’ve been reading about the Your Phone abilities. For the most part, the writers were excited about the concept of texting from your computer keyboard. I wasn’t as excited. 3D Park Mist Forest 7 Wall Paper Murals Wall Print Wall Wallpaper Mural AU KyaCould there be more?

Out of boredom, I installed this on my phone and activated the utility on my computer. Unlike other synchronization things I’ve used, this really was seemless and easy3 1 2 x .131 RING A153-D HOT DIP STRIP NAILS 21 DEGREE 1M Box. Almost too easy, it seemed. The menu revealed what was available.

And, sure enough, there were my spider pictures. 3 Antique McKinney McK 4-1 2 Square Satin Brass Plated Door Hinges Ball Tips(As well as the thunderstorm clouds coming in from Boblo Island)

To work on the post, there was none of this sending the picture to myself. I just grabbed it from the Your Phone app and bam, it was in my post.

I remember Arthur C. Clarke’s quote…

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

I had that moment!

I just wish that I’d done it sooner.

3D Snow Fish Lotus 573 Floor WallPaper Murals Wallpaper Mural Print AJ AU Lemon

Wallpaper Vintage Botanical 1950s Midcentury White gold with Fronds Leaf Mauve 8bcc2epvy1653-Wallpaper Rolls

… TV dinner tables?

David Garlick was a week ahead of me on this one with his Twitter response to last week’s post.

Maybe that’s why he was a principal and I wasn’t.3 Pk Qt White-Tintable Zinsser Perma-White Mold & Mildew-Proof Inter Paint 2704

Yes, there was the concept of the folding TV dinner table. There’s a bunch still for sale –

3D Wälder im meerwasser 5 Fototapeten Wandbild Fototapete BildTapete Familie DEThey’ve gone up in price! And appear to be more solid than the ones in my memory.

Currently, we don’t own a set but I do remember, as a child, of having a set that we kept behind the door going down to the basement3 Rolls of Laura Ashley Pineapple Pewter Wallpaper Brand New W092408-A 1 Shabby. My wife’s parents had a set and used them as end tables down in their rec room.3D Abend Schwa See Dschungel 7 Fototapeten Wandbild BildTapete AJSTORE DE Lemon I stole the idea when furnishing an apartment at university. It was affordable, to be sure, from the second hand store. $5 a set, if I recall correctly.

They weren’t very solid. They appeared to be made of tin and had a flowered pattern on them and fluted edges. 3D Abstract color 572 Floor WallPaper Murals Wall Print 5D AJ WALLPAPER UK LemonThey folded up neatly for storage and the concept was to put your dinner/supper on them so that you could watch television while eating. (TV dinners optional). 3 Style Push Bar Panic Exit Device Aluminum Fits 28 to 36 doorsUnlike a regular table, they weren’t a permanent addition to a room – just for those special times that you ate supper while watching television.

Or so the story goes…

In both our families like David’s, the television was turned off at meal times and we ate as a family around the kitchen table.3 x Boden-Einbaustrahler GU10 trittfest RUND Edelstahl IP65 Bodenstrahler In our case, the dining table was used for special dining occasions when we had company but mostly as a collection point for stuff at other times.

So, why did we have TV tables? For those fancy meals with company, they served as holders for the food as we loaded up buffet style. 3 X Set Of 4 Adjustable Cabinet Cupboard Support Legs. Fittings IncludedWe also used them to play games like checkers, Monopoly, on them. But that was about it.

These days, I can’t remember seeing them out for sale in stores so I don’t know if they’re not there or they’re such a seldom-purchased article that they’re largely hidden. 3 - Spotted Dog - Iron Antique Reproduction Knob Handle-Cabinets Door BB-399We do see them when we’re out antiquing and it does bring back childhood memories!

For a Sunday morning, your thoughts?

  • Do you currently own a set of TV dinner tables?
  • Did you have them in your youth?
  • Were you allowed to eat and watch television at the same time?
  • 3.0 Inch Night Vision Video Doorbell Electronic Cat Eye Peephole ViewerWhile the cheap tinny ones probably wouldn’t work, could you see a use for these type of table in your classroom?
  • 3D Abstract Picture 52 Wall Paper Exclusive MXY Wallpaper Mural Decal Indoor AJGiven their price point and the portability, there has to be all kinds of functionality for these that I’m not aware of. Do you have a unique use for these things?

As always, please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Wallpaper Vintage Botanical 1950s Midcentury White gold with Fronds Leaf Mauve 8bcc2epvy1653-Wallpaper Rolls

I could have used this when I got my Chromebook.

Now, a computer is a computer is a computer but there are little gotchas with various operating systems that take a bit of getting used to.30 kg Poids de Pause Image Suspension Corde Nylon Paquet 50 X 3 Mètres Longueur

Like MacOS not liking the ALT key but uses the Windows/Super key instead for some tasks. 3D Abstraktion Landschaft 5 Tapete Tapeten Mauer Foto Familie Tapete WandgemäldeOr the difference between a backspace key and a delete key.30 sqft Electric Tile Radiant Floor Heating Mat Energy-efficient Living Room They’re easily learned once you set yourself on a path to actually learn them.

I suspect that my learning with a new Chromebook was the same as others.

  • what’s that magnifying glass doing on the CAPS LOCK key?
  • how do you CAPS LOCK anyway?
  • is there a files manager?3D Adorabile Fiore Parete Murale FotoCarta da parati immagine sfondo muro stampa
  • is there a Task Manager?
  • where did all the Function keys go and what do those new symbols mean?

And other things. Of course, they’re all easily found with a simple Google search but they’re all nicely laid out in this 30 x wooden knobs oak handles kitchen units doors goldEN OAK 40mm.

Work your way though the menu on the left and see the results appear graphically in the main part of the screen. Although I’ve used this Chromebook for a couple of years now, there were still a few new things to learn.300pc Ceramic Tile Tiling Accessibility Spacer Clips Wedges Plastic GB In this case, I learned a few more multiple-finger actions.

You might want to tuck this away as an introductory lesson for Chromebooks in your classroom.

Bonus tutorial – Pixel Phone Simulator